Student Bursaries

An amount up to $300 per student will be available to support students of the Australian Society for Biophysics who attend the annual conference and present a paper, and who reside outside the city in which the conference is being held. The ASB Executive will determine the amount provided to a student based on the budget provided, available funds and the number of bursary applications.

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This travel support is intended to encourage students to attend the annual meetings of the Australian Society for Biophysics; it will emphasise the importance of students giving presentations about their work; and it will provide students with a small example of ways of obtaining funding to support their research efforts.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • If students are not members of the Society, they must join at the time of this application.
  • Applications need to include details of the full cost of travel, including air or train fares, registration, local public transport costs, accommodation, and conference dinner if that is not included in the conference registration fee.
  • All support obtained, or applied for, from all other sources must be listed, or an explanation as to why there is no other support available should be given.
  • Successful applicants will be requested to provide the society with a brief report of the meeting and their participation within 2 months of the conclusion of the meeting.

How to Apply

  • To apply, please download and fill in the application form including all requested details.
  • The form needs to be signed by your supervisor
  • The final deadline of two weeks prior to the start of the annual conference is firm.
  • If a student wishes to know whether their application is successful, prior to confirming travel arrangements, then the application should be lodged two months before the conference.
  • A copy of the abstract that has been or will be submitted to the conference should be sent together with the application form.
  • The completed form should be sent by email to the ASB Secretary.
Download the Application Form


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