Young Biophysicist Award

About the award

In 1995, the Society instituted an award for young investigators: the Young Biophysicist Award (YBA). Its purpose is to encourage members of the Society who were about to or had recently embarked on a career in biophysics, but there are no age restrictions. The award carries a cash prize of $500.

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Amanda Buyan - "Understanding Piezo1's Relationship with Lipids"
  • 2016: Evelyne Deplazes - "Phospholipid binding activity of the venom peptides ProTx-I and ProTx-II"
  • 2015: Charles Cox - "Mechanosensitive Gating In Piezo1 Channels"
  • 2013: Chai Ann Ng - "PAS domain of Kv11.1 Channels: Structure, function and clinical significance"
  • 2012: Tamsyn Hilder - "Characterising various inward rectifier potassium channels"
  • 2010: David Szekely - "Toward the virtual heart: graphics processor accelerated interactive simulations of cardiac function"
  • 2009: Megan O'Mara - Linking bacterial structures to human multi-drug transporter function
  • 2008: Till Böcking - Chasing the Mechanism of Clatherin Coat Disassembly by Single Object Fluorescence Imaging
  • 2007: John Gehman - Boltzmann-statistics analysis of solid state NMR experiments
  • 2006: Catherine Clarke - A helically structured M1-P1 loop "fine tunes" the pH sensitivity of acid sensitive two-pore domain potassium (TASK) channels
  • 2005: Ben Corry - "The mechanism of fast gating in ClC chloride channels"
  • 2004: Matthew Perugini - Hexameric structure of GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase: a key enzyme and novel drug target in Leishmania"
  • 2002: Louise Brown - "Structure of the Inhibitory Region of Troponin I in the ternary complex by Site-Directed Spin Labeling EPR Spectroscopy"

  • Conditions

    The conditions of the award are that applicants:

    • should be a Ph.D. candidate, or be within 5 years following the award of a Ph.D. or equivalent degree;
    • be members of the Society of at least 12 months standing at the time of application;
    • make an oral presentation at the annual conference of the Society (finalists only);
    • submit one ELECTRONIC copy of the application (either in pdf or MS Word) and send it to the ASB Secretary.
    • Let the local conference organiser know that you are applying for a YBA when you submit your abstract.
    • The above application should be sent by the time abstracts are due for the annual conference. The application should include a curriculum vitae, together with a full publication list.
    The Society reserves the right to not make an award in any one year.