ASB Membership

Membership in the Australian Society for Biophysics is open to scientists who share the purpose of the Society and who have educational or research experience or interest in biophysics or in an allied scientific field. The purpose of the Australian Society for Biophysics is to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics.

Information for new members:

Please download the membership application form here . Please fill in the entire form including name and signature of your Nominator. A nominator can be an existing member of the ASB. For students, the nominator, can also be you supervisor (who may or may not be a member of the ASB).

Information for existing members:

Please download the membership application form here . Only the membership type and payment information needs be filled in. No Nominator is required. Your membership details are only required if they have changed since you joined the ASB (e.g. you have changed Institutions or research fields).

The completed form should be faxed or mailed to the ASB Treasurer
Ronald Clarke
School of Chemistry
University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW 2006
Fax: +62 (0)2 9351 3329

Payment information:

Membership can be paid either by credit card, bank transfer or cheque. A tax receipt will be issued once your payment has been processed.
  1. Credit Card: please fill in your credit card details on the membership form.
  2. Bank Transfer: please transfer money to the ASB bank account (Bank: Commonwealth, BSB: 063238, Account number: 10195555, Account Name: Australian Society for Biophysics). Important! Don't forget to include your name in the comment field when you do the bank transfer.
  3. Cheques: please issue your cheque to “The Australian Society for Biophysics Inc” and send it together with your membership form to the ASB treasurer

If you have any questions regarding membership please email our Treasurer Ronald Clarke, ronald.clarke|at|