The ASB meeting is going virtual!

Due to the current restrictions around domestic travel, indoor gathering and social events, the 2020 ASB meeting will be held as a virtual event from 2nd to 4th December 2020.The program will focus on providing early and mid-career researchers an opportunity to present their latest work. See the 'save the date' notice for more details

Gender Equity and Diversity

The Australian Society for Biophysics strives to achieve balance across gender, geography and experience in all aspects of their annual meeting. The ASB executive council endeavours to achieve this balance through equal female and male representation on the local organizing committees and session chairs as well as through invitation of high-quality male and female speakers and the selection of speakers from the submitted abstracts from across Australia in line with the gender balance in our research community.

As part of this gender equity policy the ASB will use data collected during registration and abstract submission and data from the conference program to determine the gender balance at our annual meetings. The statistics will be availalbe on the ASB website.

Statistics for ASB meeting 2018, held in conjunction with the Asian Biophysics Association
     Male      Female
 Invited speakers (Total = 46)   48%   52%
 Speakers selected from abstracts (Total = 40 )   65%   35%
 Session chairs (Total = 30)   57%   43%

Statistics for ASB meeting 2017
     Male      Female
 Registrations (Total = 102)
 Abstracts submitted (Total = 66)   65%   35%
 Invited speakers (Total = 9)   55%   44%
 Speakers selected from abstracts (Total = 32)   68%   32%
 Poster presentations (Total = 33)   60%   40%
 Session chairs   70%   30%

Statistics for ASB meeting 2015
     Male      Female
 Registrations (Total = 106)   72%   28%
 Abstracts submitted (Total = 71)   72%   28%
 Invited speakers   61%   39%
 Speakers selected from abstracts   84%   16%
 Session chairs   60%   40%

Statistics for ASB meeting 2013
     Male      Female
 Invited speakers   77%   23%
 Speakers selected from abstracts   72%   28%
 Session chairs   80%   20%

For more information on gender equity at conferences, read these articles by Prof. Jenny Martin and science writer Carrie Arnold

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