29th Annual Scientific Meeting, ASB2005
in conjunction with the Australian Physiological Society

September 27-30, 2005

This year the Australian Physiological Society and the Australian Society for Biophysics will hold their annual meetings as a joint meeting. The meeting will take place in Canberra at the Rydges Lakeside Hotel from Sept 27-30, 2005.

We think that both societies have a number of common interests and as a result a joint meeting seems to be a natural progression giving the meeting and both societies more weight, a higher profile and greater scientific depth.

The local organising committee would like to invite you to participate in the meeting and to encourage your students to present their work on this occasion.

The meeting will have two parallel sessions to stimulate broad attendance at lectures. We are planning a total of 8 symposia and 6 oral communication sessions plus two afternoon poster presentation sessions. Although we have had expressions of interest for a few symposia (such as epithelial transport, ion channels and genomic physiology) we welcome further suggestions and help for the organisation of all symposia. We plan to have one overseas speaker per symposium and have set aside limited funds to support this. Oral communications will be assembled from the submitted abstracts and may be related to or separate from the topics of the symposia. Please send symposia suggestions to

We expect to have a number of high-profile speakers for plenary lectures such as Franciso Bezanilla (Voltage-gated ion channels), A. William Rutherford (Photosynthesis), D. Peter Tieleman (Membrane Biophysics) as well as symposia speakers such as Owen Hamill (TRP channels), Eric Honoré (Sensing pressure with 2P-domain K channels), Masahiro Sokabe (Biophysics of Mechanotransduction).

We will try to keep the fees low to make the meeting attractive for students and senior scientists alike. Although it will be convenient to choose Rydges for accommodation there will be cheaper accommodation available within walking distance. Unfortunately, we do not have the option to use any University facilities including colleges because ANU has teaching term at the end of September. Students can apply for travel awards through both societies.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Canberra later this year.

The local AuPS/ASB committee

You can also check the AuPS website for the meeting:

Registration & Abstract Submission

Preparation and submission of abstracts will be according to the AuPS guidelines (AuPS is hosting the registration and submission).
Members Non-members
Ordinary Student Ordinary Student
By 29 July$295 $150 $400 $250
After 29 July $325 $165 $440 $275
Note that it is cheaper for non-members who are eligible for membership to become a member. See here for details. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 29 July.


An accommodation guide has been prepared by Paul Smith for the meeting. There will not be enough rooms available at the Rydges for the majority of attendees because Floriade is running at the same time as the meeting. A variety of accommodation is listed, all within walking distance of the conference venue.

Full Programme Details

The Australian Physiological Society/Australian Society for Biophysics Combined Meeting would like to acknowledge the following Conference Sponsors

Programme Outline


Ion channel gating Shin-Ho Chung
Physiology teaching in the 21st century: trends, challenges and innovations Kay Colthorpe and Hardy Ernst
Epithelial transport of ions and metabolites David Cook, Stefan Bröer, Daniel Markovich
Membrane associated proteins that regulate muscle contraction Angela Dulhunty
Membrane Protein Structure and Interactions Frances Separovic
K+ channels and the resistance vasculature Mike Hill
Ion pump function and regulation Ron Clarke
Regulation of Membrane Transport David Adams

Special topic oral communication session

Skeletal muscle regulation from molecular mechanism to physiology Brett Cromer
Ligand gated ion channels Louise Tierney

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