Past Meeting: ASB 99
Gold Coast - Queensland

Combined ASB 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting/3rd Asia Pacific BioSensor Symposium
September 30th to October 3rd, Broadbeach

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The 23nd Annual Conference was held at the Grand Mercure, Broadbeach QLD, from Sep 30th - Oct 3rd 1999. There were over 80 registrants who witnessed a varied programn of 54 talks and 12 posters covering areas including ion channels, protein structure and function, new techniques/experimental results, sports and exercise science, membranes, bioenergetics, macromolecules, protein mechanics and the special emphasis this year was on biosensors. The invited lectures were given by

Steve Mayo (Caltech): Protein folding and design
Roger Koeppe (Arkansas): Engineering the gramacidin channel
David Adams (UQ): Ion channels
Chris Lowe (Cambridge): Biotechnology and biosensors
Reinhard Renneberg (Hong Kong): Physiological sensors
Masuo Aizawa (Tokyo Inst. Tech.): Bioelectronics
Martin Thompson (SU): Sports/exercise science

Many thanks must go to the program organisers Dr Tony Collings, Dr Christa Chritchley and Richard John for putting together such an excellent program that ran so smoothly. One of the highlights of the conference was the Roman dinner (with togas and varied musical entertainment provided).


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